The healing flow of deep touch

Are you looking for this nice feeling of physical relief, you want to recharge your batteries, reduce physical-emotional stress or muscle tenseness. The emotional strain and the physical strain we experience every day leads to imbalances, sometimes chronic imbalances. Permanent stress, physically challenging occupations, sedentary work and the lack of movement cause muscle tenseness, pain, physical-emotional blockages, fatigue and emotional imbalances. The breathing accelerates, the energy flow is restrained, the body isn’t functioning. Thai Yoga Massage is bodywork based on a deep, soft and attentive touch which has a surprisingly strong effect on body and mind. I’d like to invite you to this journey of reconnecting with your body and mind. It’s a gift i’d like to share with you.

The roots of Thai Yoga Massage are closely interwoven with Buddhist meditation practices. It’s based on the principles of loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy. Sensing and listening hands are connecting in an attentive way with your body. This dialogue takes you to a relaxing and healing journey. Opening space for sensing physical-emotional harmony and a quiet flow within the body. It’s a communication where words aren’t necessary, embedded in a quiet and constant rhythm of movements.

It’s a journey that helps you (re)connect with your body and come into your center.

Every session is personalized following your individual needs. The movements of Thai Yoga Massage are simple and precise with a surprising effect. A massage is a sequence of flowing transitions with yoga stretches, dynamic mobilization, acupressure and work on the energy lines. For that purpose i’m using different parts of my body such as, fingers, hands, elbows, forearms, feet along with the body weight to apply rhythmical pressure on your body. Thai Yoga Massage seeks to release muscle tenseness and such common pain as headaches, back and shoulder pain. It has an effect on the digestive system, the respiratory organs, the body posture and the mobility of the body. It relaxes the nervous system and helps to improve the circulation of body fluids. The deep touch on your body seeks also to release physical-emotional imbalances and to activate your self-healing powers.

My fascination and passion for Thai Yoga Massage roots in the harmony and fluidity of the rhythmical movement and the simpleness and impact of this ancient bodywork. Every body tells me it’s story, every body is different to the others even though the aches and limitations might be similar. I feel enriched on a personal and professional level by every massage I give and by every person that benefits from it.

Before we start the session we’ll have a short intro to the massage itself and we’ll define your wishes for the massage. Please be dressed in light and stretchy clothes. You’ll lie down comfortably on a mat. A session usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.

At the end of the session you take some minutes to slowly come back into the real world :). After this recovery time we’ll open the room for experience exchange and feedback. You’re doing yourself some good to drink loads of liquid to help the body remove accumulated slags and toxins. I

I’d be very pleased to welcome you in my practice room to share this wonderful and benefiting experience with you!



45 Min. = 45 €

60 Min. = 65 €

90 Min. = 95 €

120 Min. = 120 €

We can adjust the prices to your budget.

Kerstin Trubert

flow motion – Body and Soul Thai Yoga Massage


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